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Faces of Sakura-Con

Went to my first-ever anime convention to take in the scene and snap some pictures. Not gonna lie, pretty awesome. Cool people with cool costumes everywhere. Here are some of the pics (click to embiggen)

The Man.

Gundam Dreams

Sponge Bob Square Bag

Booth dude

Sitting Sailor

Long Distance Assassin




game face

red eye contact

makeup the breakdown.


double vision

zombie mask.

game time.


iPhonography Showcase

Check out this video I made of featuring photos from my Everyday Picture iPhone photography experiment. I may not have made it long posting a picture every day, as was my original intent, but I did get a few good ones, which I’ve compiled here and set to music. Hope you like it. Also, if you want prints let me know.

Falling Fast

Here are a few more pics from a few weeks ago, back when the leaves were orange and the light was warm. My how times have changed. Now it’s cold and rainy here in Seattle, and all the leaves are off their branches and on matted down on the pavement. So long, Autumn. It was fun while it lasted.

Soaking it in.

Birdie in the leaves.

Green House Effect.

Not quite ready.

Pole Gallery.

Photo of The Day: Rainbow Connection


Photo of the Day: Run Ruby Run

7.14.10. Shoreline, WA

Above is a shot of my dog Ruby doing what she does best: chasing after tennis balls like they’re going out of style. To be more┬áprecise, this is actually it’s four shots in one. I took this using a new program called Fotomecha, a powerful “multi-lens simulator” which can produce a variety of interesting photo sequences. Basically, the app allows the user take a series of shots at even time intervals and then assembles the photos vertically or horizontally, depending on orientation of the camera. Fotomecha can also make GIFs and other photo-collages, not to mention shoot in a variety of different color settings. Definitely a bargain at $0.99.


iPhone Collages

Work was slow today so I decided to mess around with an PanoLab, an iPhone app that’s been lying dormant on my phone for quite awhile. This program is great if for stitching photos together to make panoramas or creating funky collages. It takes a little patience and the user interface can be a bit confusing at times, but this little program can spit out some pretty cool results. Here are two that I whipped up today. I did a little color correction with PS Mobile. Each one is a composite of about 10 pictures:



Roman Candles

My girlfriend is studying art history in Rome. She recently sent me a picture took that she calls “Holy Light In Santa Maria in Trastevere.” It’s pretty amazing. My jealousy rating is now officially off the charts.