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A perfect example of dividing by zero

Spotted at a Bartell’s Drugstore in downtown Seattle.


Simple Sign

I smile a little bit every time I see this sign outside a Thai restaurant on The Ave. Sometimes I imagine that it has nothing to do with the prices on a menu, but rather, the sign is trying to convey some deeper existential message – as if anything I ever wanted in life could be had for the low low price of  $6.99. In a world of fine print and special conditions and ads that try to trick and confuse buyers, this sign keeps things nice and simple: Everything. $6.99. Sounds like a deal.

Magical Lunch

Spotted this outside of Pizza Brava in the U-Distict. I actually think this sign was intended for the gyro restuarant across the street: Aladdin’s.


Cowboy Traffic Control

Here’s a plain spoken road sign from somewhere in Colorado politely reminding people to watch their speed. How awesome is that?! [via.]

Farming Fail


WTF? I went to a replica Korean folk village just outside of Seoul last weekend and that’s where I found this doozy of a sign. I’m not exactly sure what this crop is, but I don’t I’ll be asking the farmer to find out. No sir.

Tour de Pants


Saw this sign near the Seosan bus terminal. Feel free to write your own caption in the comments section.

Type Face Typo


Wiz Emglish: You Never Get A Second Chance to Make a First Impression

My school recently purchased a shiny new Starex van to cart kids to and from their lessons. It’s fast. It’s quiet. And best yet it seats twelve comfortably. There’s just one problem: the paint job. In the director’s choice to go with the hip squiggly scribble typeface, she overlooked the fact that the “N” in “English” morphed into an unsightly “M” character. As if our hogwan’s name isn’t bad enough in the first place. Wiz English? Really? It sounds as if we simultaneously teach English and treat Irritable Bladder Syndrome or something. Now things are even worse. Walking up to the building today I could only hang my head in shame upon seeing our mangled new logo. Here we are trying to teach people English and we can’t even spell it right on our damn van. I gingerly broached the subject at a staff meeting today but I got the impression that the directors could really care less about the misspelling. All the kids thought the doodled new logo was totally rad, and most of the parents who pay their tuitions can’t read English anyway, so it’s a wash. Oh well. Proper spelling be damned. We’re still the best Emglish teachers in town!

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